[News] Plans for Pre-Alpha 0.2.0

(This was also posted on the Loot Snake Tumblr blog.)

The 0.2.0 update will be focused mainly on just improving the map creation toolset. Here’s a list of some of the stuff that will be added in the update.

New tools for the map editor

Box Fill Tool

Allows you to fill a box shaped area with a certain tile, instead of wiggling the mouse around for an hour. (You can see it in action here.)

Line Tool

Allows you to make diagonal and straight lines on the tile grid easily. (You can see a video of this as well here.)


Automatically places the correct tiles in the correct spots (for example, corner tiles in the corners) so that you don’t need to switch between different tiles constantly. Can be turned on and off.

Tile hotbar

You can put your frequently used tiles on the hotbar, and select them using the 1-9 number keys.

Different loot is used as ammo for different types of powerups

Find out more about this idea here.

Developer console

Give yourself whatever powerup you want, turn off all cool downs, make the snake move at the speed of light, etc. All that fun stuff.

A map

There’ll be a simple pre-made map that’ll come with the game. It’ll showcase the different mechanics and some of the powerups. So that you don’t have to make a map yourself to get a hold of what the game is about.

There’ll also be some other stuff in the update, but the things listed above are the main focus of it.

I’ll be posting updates of the progress on Twitter, so be sure to follow that!

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