[News] Plans for Pre-Alpha 0.4.0

(This was also posted on the Loot Snake Tumblr blog.)

Yay, plans.

The two main focus points of the upcoming update are going to be:

Better audio


Better map creation workflow


Better audio

The whole game sounds a bit empty right now. There’s only 35 sound effects currently in the game. 14 of those are spit powerups hitting something. That’s just sad. And who was the idiot who though I’d be a good idea to just have that one track looping constantly in the background?

More sound effects

Everything you do will have a sound effect. From launching a projectile to it setting fire to an enemy. All the enemies will also have their own distinct sounds and new idle sounds, so that you know who’s around the corner. And opening loot chests will definitely have some epic choirs or something.

More music

Listening to that one track gets pretty boring, doesn’t it? There’s plans for at least 4 new tracks for the game.

Better map creation workflow

Right now, the map creation workflow is a complete mess. With these changes, it’ll be much more easier to create maps and share them with friends.

  • Better shape editing tools. (No more shift+left click to delete a point, nor trying to get your mouse just in the right spot between two points to create a new point.)
  • The game will automatically set up a basic room (with a spawnpoint and everything) when you create a new map.
  • An in-editor tutorial.
  • An “Open map folder“ -button, so that you can easily zip some maps and send them to a friend, and unzip received maps.
  • Other stuff.

These aren’t going to be the only changes to the game. There’s also going to be a ton of smaller changes, new powerups, visual tweaks and such.

Let’s hope this one won’t take as long as 0.3.0… (Déjà vu, anyone?)

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