[News] Plans for Pre-Alpha 0.3.0

(This was also posted on the Loot Snake Tumblr blog.)

The pre-alpha 0.3.0 update is going to have 2 main focus points.

A complete visual refresh


A complete powerup system refresh

Let’s explore both of those in a bit more detail…

Visual refresh

By “complete visual refresh“ I mean redoing all of the sprites, particle effects, UI things, and other stuff like that. The reason for this is the fact that the current style looks a lot like other games in the dungeon crawler genre. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, having a more unique art style will help the game stand out more. What I have planned is not completely unique by any means, but it’s a style that’s not commonly used in dungeon crawlers.

And what will that style be? Well I’m glad you asked. I’ll be posting more about it on the @lastquarterdev Twitter account, so make sure to follow that. (Don’t worry, I’ll post screenshots of it on here as well.)

Powerup system refresh

The current powerups in the game are pretty unrelated when compared to each other. There isn’t really any common theme for any of them. That’s what the pre-alpha 0.3.0 update is supposed to fix.

The pre-alpha 0.2.0 update already took steps in the direction I want to take the powerup system to. Different types of powerups using different types of loot. The end goal is to achieve something like what I explained in this post. In future versions, the player can also convert a certain type of loot to another type. (for example: emeralds to sapphires) with a certain multiplier.

Of course there’s also going to be some smaller changes made to the game as well. These two aren’t going to be the only things in the update.

I’m also going to be posting an updated version of the Loot Snake road map soon. So be on the lookout for that.

Here’s to hoping this update doesn’t take another 120 days.

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