[Patch] 1.2.4 Changelog

Special thanks to the Cats are Liquid testing team!


  • Fixed pressing "restart" on the pause menu not closing the pause menu. (Thanks, Niko and Spike!)
  • Fixed ice block not properly checking if there's walls nearby before being spawned.
  • Fixed improper hookshot end position adjustment.
  • Fixed cat liquid sprite color not being what it should be with a certain setting combination. (Thanks, Blue Berry!)
  • Fixed the camera not being teleported to the spawnpoint location in certain situations.
  • Fixed no music playing when entering and then quickly exiting the editor. (Thanks, Niko!)
  • Fixed importing an older version of a renamed pack causing an improper import.
  • Fixed editor memory usage for utility meshes.
  • Fixed list UI being overprotective of the escape key. (Thanks, Niko!)
  • Fixed mouse not re-appearing after the credits when playing without a controller. (Thanks, Niko!)


CaL-ABP-Windows.zip 120 MB
Nov 14, 2021
CaL-ABP-macOS.zip 119 MB
Nov 14, 2021
CaL-ABP-Linux.zip 119 MB
Nov 14, 2021

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