[Patch] 1.2.8 Changelog

Special thanks to the Cats are Liquid testing team!


  • Decreased load time to the main menu.
  • Decreased initial pack menu load time when a large amount of packs are present on the device.


  • Fixed falling blocks sometimes not having enough motivation to move all the way back to their starting position.
  • Fixed the cat becoming invisible when entering a pipe junction with certain metaball settings. (Thanks, Erik!)
  • Fixed liquid sounds not stopping if the cat is in a liquid state when exiting play-mode in the editor. (Thanks, quarter bug!)
  • Fixed improper name checks in the editor when creating a new pack, world, or room.
  • Fixed pipe junctions in the editor holding onto memories from a past life. (Thanks, SpookyTheSci)
  • Fixed moving a water shape causing the particles to lag behind. (Thanks, The Doggo!)
  • Fixed being able to attach certain non-attachable items to lines. (Thanks, Egg!)
  • Fixed issues when connecting buttons to certain items.
  • Fixed undo not working properly on shapes in the editor.
  • Other fixes.


CaL-ABP-Windows.zip 119 MB
Mar 21, 2022
CaL-ABP-macOS.zip 121 MB
Mar 21, 2022
CaL-ABP-Linux.zip 119 MB
Mar 21, 2022

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