[Patch] 1.2.10 Changelog

Special thanks to the Cats are Liquid testing team!


  • Clarified the requirements for the World 12 challenge achievement.
  • NPCs no longer activate the checkpoint sound when passing a checkpoint. (Thanks, Bghty!)
  • Non-breakable light crates now have better contrast against breakable light crates when using the World 12 theme.
  • All friends are now available by default when you create a new room in the editor.
  • Moving the void line in the editor can now be undone. (Thanks, butters!)
  • Increased the size of the editor close button.
  • Other improvements.


  • Fixed returning from the community pack room select screen causing a gap to appear at the top of the official worlds list.
  • Fixed being able to open multiple instances of the community pack menu. (Thanks, THEDUDE!)
  • Fixed spamming the restart button causing a soft-lock. (Thanks, Bghty!)
  • Fixed layering of light crate explode and damage indicators.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the cat's visuals in pipes. (Thanks, allanodin!)
  • Fixed grabbers on moving item lines behaving strangely.
  • Fixed restarting a speedrun while the cat was dying causing the speedrun to get stuck. (Thanks, The Lost Gamer!)
  • Fixed ice block jump sound playing if pressing the jump button while in mid-air.
  • Fixed ice block's last safe position not being updated when the ice block state was exited, causing issues with the cat's positioning. (Thanks, ThatOneToaster!)
  • Fixed being able to put NPC action shapes and cloud gates on a moving item line. (Thanks, AlexSC!)
  • Fixed inconsistencies with fire in pipes. (Thanks, Flower and Lostin_Lalin!)
  • Fixed going through a door that leads to the same room the player is currently in causing problems with progression. (Thanks, henhenIII!)
  • Fixed issues with looping doors. (Thanks, Crystalcloudd!)
  • Fixed being able to go through multiple doors at once. (Thanks, Bghty!)
  • Fixed mismatched ability ring collision clip check. (Thanks, Crystalcloudd and ToxicJaner!)
  • Other fixes.

Windows only:

  • Fixed settings screen listing unsupported fullscreen options.


CaL-ABP-Windows.zip 120 MB
Oct 30, 2022
CaL-ABP-macOS.zip 119 MB
Oct 30, 2022
CaL-ABP-Linux.zip 121 MB
Oct 30, 2022

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