[Patch] 1.2.2 Changelog

Special thanks to the Cats are Liquid testing team!


  • Fixed UI issues for certain aspect ratios.
  • Fixed World 4 and World 9 challenges being a bit too eager about being marked as completed. (Thanks, Erik and Niko!)
  • Fixed certain item orbits causing issues in the editor during playtesting.
  • Fixed improper clip check in editor for jumping spikes. (Thanks, Fen and others!)
  • Fixed pausing interfering with the speedrun countdown. (Thanks, Redstoneboy1009)
  • Fixed speedrun time comparison not being updated for the first room if the run was restarted. (Thanks, Erik!)
  • Fixed some interesting UI bugs. (Thanks, Erik and others!)


CaL-ABP-Windows.zip 120 MB
Oct 31, 2021
CaL-ABP-macOS.zip 119 MB
Oct 31, 2021
CaL-ABP-Linux.zip 119 MB
Oct 31, 2021

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