[Update] The Big Update (1.2) Changelog

Special thanks go to the Cats are Liquid testing team!

The main new stuff:

  • Added speedrun mode (world specific, all worlds, also supports custom packs if the pack allows for it).
  • Added world challenges.
  • Added text history (available in pause menu).
  • Talk prophecies that take away control can now be skipped.
  • Added settings to the pause screen.
  • Added liquid grates.
  • Added option to allow the Companion to activate prophecies.
  • Added a button prophecy which can be used to activate buttons.
  • Buttons can now be automatically unpressed after a certain amount of time.
  • Added item clip checks for certain items to prevent them from being placed inside room geometry.
  • Added background floating stuff to title screen and a randomized theme (very important).
  • Added new editor keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added Discord rich presence.



  • Improved performance.
  • Improved memory usage.
  • Adjusted World 1, World 11, and World 12 themes.
  • Adjusted fire dispenser fire spawn offset.
  • Adjusted jump pad collider size and position.
  • Ability ring now teleports the cat to the center if they're too far away by the end of the animation.
  • Throwable items now get destroyed when going below the void line.
  • Sped up cannon exit particles.
  • Sped up button animations.
  • Cannon build-up SFX pitch now matches the launch force.
  • Adjusted NPC liquid sound falloff.
  • Shortened hookshot SFX.
  • Trimmed UI click sounds.
  • Doubled throwable item receiver sound range.
  • Optimized environment shape lines, world themes, lava shape, camera control code, environment shape decoration sprite rotations.
  • Optimized certain interactions related to throwable items.
  • Optimized performance of collision on certain items.
  • Optimized fire and fire dispensers.
  • Grammatical fixes and improvements.
  • Added check to prevent unnecessary save file writes.
  • Widened the playtesters section of the credits.
  • Updated Discord logo.


  • Creating a new pack now automatically gives the first world a default name (World 1).
  • Expanded default new room.
  • Lock-to-grid is now on by default in the editor.
  • Having void line in a room is now mandatory.
  • Moved pack sharing inside the editor and added the requirement to playtest the pack before sharing it.
  • Certain sliders in the editor now show "infinite" as an option when applicable.
  • Adjusted data editor button spacing.
  • Updated textures for the prophet, NPC action, hint, and tutorial shapes.
  • Editing a button that's connected to an item will now automatically switch to the connected item's page.
  • Better button and hit item connection process.
  • Buttons now draw a line to the item they're connected to.
  • The editor now prioritizes items above shapes, and the spawnpoint above all else.
  • Pack end doors now act like they end a pack in the editor.
  • Toggleable platforms can now activate on collision.
  • Increased cannon default force value. This will not affect older packs.
  • Increased jump pad default force value. This will not affect older packs.
  • Adjusted editor close button position.
  • Adjusted void line handle position.
  • Added singular spikes back into the editor.
  • Added optional spawn delay for projectile dispensers.
  • Added maximum world and room limits (both set to 25).
  • Room editor now spawns in a spawnpoint if it's not present in a room for whatever reason.
  • Items now spawn on grid when lock-on-grid is enabled.

Custom packs:

  • Added extra error checks for importing corrupted packs.
  • Added community pack info UI.
  • Adjusted community pack UI.
  • Most recent packs now show up first in the pack list.



  • Fixed bug where item orbits wouldn't draw lines to the connected items.
  • Fixed being able to jump and climb while activating the cat light ability.
  • Fixed cat light ability not ignoring safe shapes.
  • Fixed spores not changing color as they should.
  • Fixed ability rings not switching the player to the default character when activated.
  • Fixed beams not updating their end position when activated by a button.
  • Fixed ice blocks activating doors even if the player wasn't in them.
  • Fixed exiting to the title screen while the ability ring animation was playing causing the music to get muted.
  • Fixed text prophecies stopping when an NPC died.
  • Fixed non-matching mouth color when switching between characters.
  • Fixed hookshot item line return indicator position not being reset properly.
  • Fixed toggleble platforms sometimes not setting themselves into the proper state when switching characters.
  • Fixed timed expression prophecies resetting when taking damage.
  • Fixed the cat expression not returning to neutral after death.
  • Fixed the cat sometimes having the wrong expression when starting a room.
  • Fixed tutorials that were set to follow the player jittering when the player moved around.
  • Fixed cat health expression not updating when switching rooms.
  • Fixed lightning not doing proper distance checks in certain situations.
  • Fixed the cat's face not acting properly after dying in a cannon.
  • Fixed the cat not dying when being inside a hidden platform while it unhides itself.
  • Fixed pipe exit not checking if the exit position was inside a wall.
  • Fixed rare UI duplication bug.
  • And many other bug fixes.


  • Fixed certain reserved characters being allowed when creating a new room or world.
  • Fixed world packs sometimes getting saved with empty GUIDs.
  • Fixed rare bug where creating a corrupt item would cause editor to soft lock and not load the room properly.
  • Fixed item lines forgetting what state they were supposed to be in.
  • Fixed being able to move hookshot item line items in the editor.
  • Fixed hookshot item line not spawning an item when first created.
  • Fixed undeletable items being deletable if deleted along with other deletable items.
  • Fixed being able to activate multiple ability rings at once.
  • Fixed hookshotting into an ability ring allowing control during the animation.
  • Adjusted which items can be put inside throwable items.
  • Fixed camera not resetting rotation on editor mode switch.
  • Fixed item duplication not being undoable in certain situations.
  • Fixed item data editor staying open on editor mode switch.
  • Fixed lights acting strangely in the editor.
  • Fixed attaching a hookshot wall to an item line causing the wall to temporarily disappear.
  • Fixed room editor not focusing on spawnpoint on room load.
  • Fixed room info showing up in front of the item palette in the editor.
  • Fixed renaming a room without saving afterwards causing a corrupted room.
  • Fixed bug where editor creator name could be copied from a played pack.
  • Fixed being able to connect certain items to lines and orbits that shouldn't have been able to be connected.
  • Fixed hidden platform component not setting hidden state on duplication.
  • Fixed very thin shapes becoming practically invisible.
  • Fixed items on moving item lines not following curved paths properly.
  • Fixed items with spinner components on them having their rotations effectively reset when a button connected to them was hit.
  • Fixed bug related to empty talk prophecy text.
  • Fixed theme prophecy causing an issue with auto pipes.
  • Fixed interactable buttons not updating item rotation.


  • Fixed being able to spawn the Companion inside room geometry.
  • Fixed cat ears and tail being left behind if the cat died in ice block form.
  • Fixed ice blocks not doing proper horizontal space checks when spawning.
  • Fixed getting stuck inside a wall if heading towards it as an ice block and changing direction just before the block was destroyed.
  • Fixed the ice block being a bit too spammable.
  • Fixed the cat sometimes getting stuck when transforming into solid form inside a grate.
  • Fixed player being both inside and outside of a cannon if turning into liquid during a specific point in the cannon enter animation.
  • Fixed being able to spam the cloud ability for unintended horizontal movement.
  • Fixed dash cooldown visualizer not getting destroyed in certain cases.
  • Fixed bug where the hookshot ability could sometimes be activated while the cat was dying.

Custom packs:

  • Fixed player being stoppable in an autopipe while the active prophecy prohibit control.
  • Fixed community pack exit soft lock.
  • Fixed buttons connected to pipes causing a soft lock.
  • Fixed community pack room buttons not being positioned properly if there were more than ten in a single world.
  • Fixed game not removing file remnants if a pack import failed.
  • Fixed certain corrupted packs not being detected as corrupted.
  • Added fixes for attempting to load corrupted packs.


CaL-ABP-Windows.zip 120 MB
Oct 19, 2021
CaL-ABP-macOS.zip 119 MB
Oct 19, 2021
CaL-ABP-Linux.zip 119 MB
Oct 19, 2021

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