[Update] The Editor Update (1.1) Changelog

Special thanks go to the Cats are Liquid testing team!

Editor improvements:

  • Added dropdown destination selection for doors.
  • Added undo system.
  • Added optional falling void (enabled by default in new rooms).
  • Revamped pipe editing.
  • Added "fast" toggle to ability rings.
  • Added drag-item-on-top hints to items that can have other items dragged onto them.
  • Reordered editor item palette.
  • Remade editor item icons.
  • Added rename functionality.
  • Added a pack progression check to share process.
  • Made spawnpoint non-removable.
  • Added a check to make sure that there's only one checkpoint per room.
  • Added shape point lock-on guides.
  • Point snapping now takes camera size into account.
  • Updated shape point and point adder textures.
  • Duplicated items now spawn farther away from original item.
  • Explosive throwable items now have a clear editor indicator.
  • Buttons can now be activated by the cat (just enable the "cat activated" toggle in the button settings).
  • Updated editor UI.
  • Added editor toast notifications for certain actions.
  • Redesigned pack loading UI (community and editor).
  • Added new metadata for packs.
  • Added optional pack feature image.
  • Updated the editor guide.
  • Guide now pops up when doing something that the guide has information on for the first time.
  • Added editor music.
  • Added better recovery for corrupted packs.
  • Other smaller improvements.


  • Game now properly checks the pack inbox folder on focus change.
  • Added extra info on where to get world packs.
  • Improved hookshot reliability.
  • Added more tutorial prompts regarding jumping in ice block form.
  • Reduced cat light activation effect intensity.
  • Lowered cat climbing SFX volume.
  • Reduced wind volume.
  • New title screen, room select, and editor menu UI.
  • Adjusted talk prophecy speaker icon positions.
  • Added epilepsy warning.
  • Updated intro.
  • Updated Dualshock controller icons.
  • UI optimization.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Other smaller improvements.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the GUID of a new room to not be set.
  • Fixed having a door that led nowhere in the first room causing a world progression array generation error.
  • Fixed multiple pack creation bugs.
  • Fixed item orbit lines not being properly deleted.
  • Fixed shapes in throwable items not being spawned in the correct position.
  • Fixed throwable item receiver being editable.
  • Fixed beam emitters not updating origin point.
  • Fixed purple NPC having a white tail.
  • Fixed certain NPC expressions getting stuck on death.
  • Fixed create UI closing causing return to title screen while in editor.
  • Fixed certain UI elements having animation issues.
  • Fixed float ability environment clip.
  • Fixed hookshot acting inconsistently with spikes.
  • Fixed hookshot going through grates.
  • Fixed multiple hookshot bugs.
  • Fixed ice block damage destroy inconsistent spawn position.
  • Fixed ice block infinite jump glitch.
  • Fixed float direction not resetting when entering a pipe.
  • Fixed cat movement direction not being reset when entering a pipe.
  • Fixed spike shape toggle time freezing being inconsistent.
  • Fixed character switching not taking blue liquid state into account.
  • Fixed being able to get out-of-bounds in certain rooms.
  • Fixed text writing not being paused when the game was paused.
  • Fixed editor mode toggle spamming causing all sorts of issues.
  • Fixed data editor not closing if the item that's was being edited was destroyed.
  • Fixed cat being movable during the spawn animation.
  • Fixed infinite-duration expressions not surviving a state change.
  • Fixed background elements not scaling properly according to camera zoom.
  • Fixed cursor disappearing on room exit.
  • Language fixes.
  • UI fixes.
  • Other smaller fixes.


CaL-ABP-Windows.zip 117 MB
Jul 22, 2020
CaL-ABP-macOS.zip 116 MB
Jul 22, 2020
CaL-ABP-Linux.zip 116 MB
Jul 22, 2020

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