1.1 Update Overview

(This is a modified version of a blog post from the Cats are Liquid Dev Blog.)

Since the 1.1 update is almost here, why not do an overview post looking at the most prominent changes? This isn’t a full changelog. That will come later.

Editor improvements

  • Added the ability to rename rooms/worlds/packs.
  • New item palette icons.
  • Undo functionality.
  • Added optional falling void. No more infinite drops into the abyss (enabled on new rooms by default).
  • Lock-on guides for shape points.
  • Improved the editor guide and added more info to it.
  • Instead of having to type the name of a room or world, doors now just have a dropdown menu with all the available destinations.
  • Improved pipe editing.
  • Better recovery for corrupted packs.
  • Tons of editor related bug fixes.

Pack sharing improvements

  • Redid the pack list UI and the pack room select UI.
  • Packs can now have a custom preview image that’s embedded in the pack file.
  • Added a pack progression check so that creators can make sure the progression of the pack follows the intended way.

This is just the major editor related stuff. There’s also a healthy mix of performance improvements and non-editor bug fixes in there too. I’ve even gone so far as to fix some out-of-bounds-things in certain rooms! I know. Quite extravagant.

The plan is to start rollout of the update next week. That’s also when the changelog will get posted!

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