[Patch] 1.0.6 Changelog


  • Performance improvements.
  • Item orbits now stop with the time freeze.
  • Adjusted character intro sequence in W1R8.
  • Adjusted slope in W10R5.
  • The game now pauses when the controller is unplugged during gameplay, or when the Steam Overlay is activated.
  • Improved cursor hiding when playing with a controller.
  • Added "Controller not supported" warning when opening the editor with a controller plugged in.
  • The mouse is now visible during editor gameplay.
  • Improved controller UI navigation.
  • Other smaller improvements.


  • Fixed being able to use the hookshot while getting an ability.
  • Fixed cat always looking like it has full health in a pipe.
  • Fixed light burst ability failing when hugging a wall.
  • Fixed throwable explosive respawn animation bug.
  • Fixed projectiles sometimes disappearing in oddly specific circumstances.
  • Fixed cat ear related bugs.
  • Fixed toggle platform points being visible after a room change.
  • Fixed Ice Block jumping being inconsistent at times.
  • Fixed pipe corners / end pieces not changing color on room load.
  • Fixed multiple bugs that could have caused a community pack to not load properly.
  • Additional fixes for cat getting stuck inside a circle during room load.
  • Fixed W8R8 lava hitbox issue.
  • Fixed cat expression in W8R9.
  • Fixed typo in W6R5.
  • Fixed some items no longer working after visiting the editor.
  • Fixed TogglePlatform editor showing other toggles when not active.
  • Other smaller fixes.


CaL-ABP-Windows.zip 126 MB
Apr 02, 2020
CaL-ABP-macOS.zip 126 MB
Apr 02, 2020
CaL-ABP-Linux.zip 126 MB
Apr 02, 2020

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