[Patch] 1.0.5 Changelog


  • Better camera movement on respawn and death.
  • Jumping spikes now stop with the time freeze.
  • Reduced the amount of fire in W10R5 and W10R7.
  • Adjusted W11R4 difficulty.
  • Made Prophet icons easier to click / tap on.
  • Made editor open the proper room after finishing testing.
  • Added more graphics settings.


  • Fixed Companion health bar being visible after room exit.
  • Fixed player character not resetting when entering a pipe.
  • Fixed actual cat staying visible when entering a pipe as liquid.
  • Fixed liquid particles on moving platforms.
  • Fixed moving platforms ticking while paused.
  • Fixed hookshot latching onto same platform as the cat is on.
  • Fixed the cat sometimes getting stuck in a wall when using the hookshot, due to the hookshot not taking into account the surface normals.
  • Fixed blue cat spam glitch.
  • Fixed being able to enter a pipe and a cannon at the same time.
  • Fixed Talk Prophecy NPC toggles not working as intended.
  • Fixed being able to force the hexagon stuck inside a wall.
  • Fixed ice blocks sometimes getting stuck inside walls.
  • Fixed gaps in world geometry in W5R2.
  • Fixed the delete button for downloaded packs not being there.
  • Fixed Prophet icons.
  • Fixed all editor menu closing bugs.
  • Fixed editor icons for item orbit and safe shape being the hookshot track items.
  • Fixed editor issues caused by the watching the credits.
  • Fixed world pack settings not being properly reset when creating a new pack.
  • Fixed the editor logic of the moving item line.
  • Fixed dying while exiting editor edit mode causing a fracture in time and space.
  • Fixed data editor panel not closing when the editor was closed.
  • Fixed "Open file browser" -button for community world packs not showing up if the user already has a pack.
  • Fixed control remapping screen exit bug.
  • Fixed playing being able to use ice blocks to jump to infinity and beyond.
  • A number of other, smaller bug fixes.


CaL-ABP-Windows.zip 121 MB
Feb 22, 2020
CaL-ABP-macOS.zip 121 MB
Feb 22, 2020
CaL-ABP-Linux.zip 120 MB
Feb 22, 2020

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