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[Patch] 1.0.6 Changelog
Improvements: Performance improvements. Item orbits now stop with the time freeze. Adjusted character intro sequence in W1R8. Adjusted slope in W10R5. The game...
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[Patch] 1.0.5 Changelog
Improvements: Better camera movement on respawn and death. Jumping spikes now stop with the time freeze. Reduced the amount of fire in W10R5 and W10R7. Adjusted...
3 files
[Patch] 1.0.4 Changelog
Improvements: Optimized environment colliders and meshes. Optimized fire. Adjusted all wall climbing sections in W1. Adjusted W6R9 fire cooldown. Adjusted hexag...
3 files
[Patch] 1.0.3 Changelog
Improvements: The game can now unlock achievements based on previous progression. Gave throwable items their scale animation back. Fixes: Fixed certain fire dis...
3 files
[Patch] 1.0.2 Changelog
Improvements: Added intro fade-in. Improved performance of fire. Updated credits. Fixes: Fixed hexagon sometimes disappearing from W5R2. Fixed W9R1 always appea...
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